Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PR - Hurricanes


The city of Calgary is starting to pick up excitement once again. Fan
favorite and former TFHL Cup Champion of the TFHL12 Hurricanes is
back. Janne Niinimaa attended a press conference today along with
fellow unrestricted player Darcy Tucker. News had also arrived that
the Hurricanes had come to terms with winger Simon Gagne on a new deal
as well.

Roger Millions:
Why the old guard and why so much for Tucker and Niinimaa GM Major?

GM Major:
I think it's simple. Veteran presence. These guys have tons of
experience. I'm not sure too many teams saw this in them but keep in
mind that both of these guys had over 65 points last season with their
respective teams. Tucker would have been tied with Gagne for the
scoring leader on our team, while Niinimaa would have been the clear
top scorer. It's good to have Janne back.

Roger Millions:
The Hurricanes roster is drastically different from last year's start
of the season. How do you feel about your roster?

GM Major:
We have a lot of depth and a lot of young players this year. We've
tried to balance veterans and youngsters. Our top line is going to be
centered by our latest addition in Steve Stamkos. We're really
excited about him playing with Alexei Kovalev and Alex Svitov.
Kobasew was brought in to give us some more depth at centre and he's
going to have a chance to play with some highly skilled scorers in
Jason King and Simon Gagne. We have depth. Lots of depth.

Roger Millions:
How do you feel about the farm team?

GM Major:
They were neglected a lot the last few years but this season they will
have guys like Josh Bailey, Brandon Sutter, Jesse Joensu, Ty Wishart
to name a few. We had a lot of high draft picks this past draft and
picked up guys like Bailey, Theberge and Livingston. We have a great
future and the Baracudas will have a better season and I expect them
to make the playoffs.

Roger Millions:
Will the Hurricanes make the playoffs?

GM Major:
Without a doubt yes. We've re-built. We have 12 new faces in
comparison to last season. Our defense is completely overhauled and
we now have veterans like Johnny Boychuk, Janne Niinimaa, Mark Stuart
and David Turon. We then have two solid youngsters in Ryan Parent and
Badass Jack. Brian Boucher can't be faulted for last season. The
players in front of him were nowhere good and you can't tell me
Boucher is a bad goalie, he took us to the finals only a couple of
seasons ago.

Roger Millions:
Any final moves before the season starts?

GM Major:

Well this is open to all teams out there. Brian Campbell and Alex
Sulzer are available. We're pushing up against the cap and have
demoted these players to the farm team. I'd like to move them for
younger players. But if it comes to it they will start on the farm.

Good luck this upcoming season everyone!

Calgary Sun

Friday, May 02, 2008

PR - Hurricanes


The Hurricanes have sent forward Boyd Gordon to the Reservoir Dogs in
exchange for the 1st overall pick in the upcoming draft.

GM Major didn't hide who he is picking.

"Steve Stamkos will become a Hurricane next week." said GM Major.

"We've been trying to get into the 1st overall spot by swapping our
2nd overall pick but that didn't make sense to ther other team. They
wanted immediate help.

What is unclear is what will happen with the 2nd overall pick the
Hurricanes also own.

"Right now we are targeting another forward we may draft. However, if
there is an offer out there to improve our team immediately, then we
will." said Major.

So....the 2nd overall might be available but I am also keen to hold onto it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PR - Saints

Markus Naslund looks to finish career in a warmer climate

The agent of Markus Naslund, the veteran star of the Saskatoon Saints and former TFHL Champion (Calgary Hurricanes), spoke to the media today about Markus' desire to be traded this off-season. "Markus was happy with the playoff run with the Saints but feels that he's not getting the ice time necessary for him to sufficiently contribute to the club..." There has been tension ever since the super-star was acquired with Thierry Nelson from the Bobcats late in the regular season: Coach Ratzinger, "it's true that Markus and I have butted-heads from time to time, that's to be expected: He is an exceptionally talented player, a future hall-of-famer...we are a young team, and our captain is Chris Higgins - not Naslund...although Markus has won for the Hurricanes, he's not a Saint." GM Geoffrey Young was questioned today as to whether Naslund would ever play another game as a Saint - "I can't say one way or the other, but I would like to move him within the coming weeks. If there is no interest, well then cooler heads will have to prevail. Hopefully, if that is the case, Markus will be able to continue with us next season."

Markus Naslund's career stats

TFHL 19 C 22 Markus Naslund Sts 88 34 42 76 -7 98 9 0 6 1 150 197 17.3 0 5
TFHL 18 L 22 Markus Naslund Mau 68 20 35 55 -1 58 4 0 5 0 100 140 14.3 0 1
TFHL 17 L 19 Markus Naslund Hur 88 30 53 83 -12 96 4 2 6 1 169 231 13.0 1 7
TFHL 16 L 19 Markus Naslund Hur 85 43 38 81 -1 51 9 2 4 1 174 255 16.9 1 1
TFHL 15 L 19 Markus Naslund Hur 87 37 68 105 37 55 4 1 6 0 162 236 15.7 3 4
TFHL 13 114 Pts (Art Ross Trophy) and Winner of the Hart Trophy
TFHL 12 43 goals (Rocket Richard Trophy), 103 pts (Art Ross Trophy), Winner of Hart Trophy

* * *
GM Young: "Naslund will be traded for the best offer, I'm looking forward to any and all trade offers. I will trade to even my own division!"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

PR - Flames

After many seasons of trying, the Atlanta Flames finally win the coveted TFHL cup! The Flames sailed through the playoffs with an amazing 16-2 record. It could have been 16-1 but they forgot to dress Jeff Carter against the pitiful Wheat Kings. When you look at the playoffs this year, the Flames really didn’t have any competition. Besides a few 1 goal games, they blew most of their competition away in many of the games, scoring 5-7 goals a game. When you look at the Flames roster everyone was clicking. A handful of players could be named for Conn Smyth, whether you want to choose Brust with a near 2 goal a game average, their defenseman Grebeshkov with over a point per game and led the playoffs in hits per game or Vas would led in points per game, penalty minutes and was just plain dominant with 7 fighting majors, where he won most of them. You can even include Ryznar who was a goal sniping maniac. Flames GM, had the following to say after this win today.

“The Atlanta Flames would like to congratulate the Owls for a somewhat hard fought series (not…). The Flames would like to thank their fans for sticking with them, as it’s been a long time coming. Our team played amazing BUT (hush goes over the crowd…is he retiring???) we really didn’t face any strong competition. The best part was the media (I believe) constantly picking the Flames to lose each series OR other teams complaining that the Flames played “too rough and tough”. This team has set a record in the TFHL for a winning playoff record of 16-2. I bet it will never be broken. This goes to show how much of a genius I am as a GM.”

The Flames are looking forward to a well deserved off-season, upcoming draft and future trades (yes, I want to make some trades).

Monday, April 14, 2008

PR - Pontiacs

"After an extremely eventful playoffs, it all comes down to the battle for the cup between the Owls and the Flames. What do think about this series Charlie?""Well Bob, it the Flames are the heavy favourites. They had a great season and have had a stellar playoff performance so far, if they keep up this level of play they should take the series.""Don't right the Owls off yet, they have overcome some great challenges so far in these playoffs and didn't lose their wings.""That's right Bob! The Owls managed to knock off the Aces, Mustangs and finally the conference champion Saints. They have really fed off of the momentum that they built at the end of the regular season when they really flew up the standings, excuse the pun.""Thanks Charlie! This should be a great series! I would be rather disappointed, and surprised, if it ended up being a four game sweep for either team. So, what is your final prediction as to who will take home the coveted TFHL Cup?""It is hard to say but I think I have to go with the underdog on this one. There is just something about the name "Flames" that rubs me the wrong way, perhaps it is my northern Alberta roots. I will go with the Owls in seven.""Good luck to the Owls and the Flames as they prepare to face off tonight in Game #1 of the TFHL finals. This is Bob Reilly and Charlie Harper signing off from the Artic Sports Network, Alert NWT."-------------Off the Air in Alert NWT: Charlie: Why do we waste our time commenting on a "Fantasy" hockey league?Bob: Would you rather go frolic with the polar bears?Charlie: Good point!

PR - Owls


Entering the Cup Finals, Owls look to go from a last place finish in TFHL 18 to lifting the Cup in TFHL 19. Despite a unheard of 5 game suspension handed to Owls leading scorer Sackrison in the Eastern Conference finals and a injury to star captain Thornton, the Owls beat the Saints late in game 7. The turning point of the series was game 4 when Owls were down 2 games to 1 and Owner Josh Sullivan's son Josh Sullivan Jr. scored the overtime game winner. The Owls want to make history by shocking the TFHL with their first Cup in amazing style going from worst to first. The Flames will be no easy team to beat considering they only lost 2 games throughout the playoffs.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

PR - Wheat Kings

Wheat Kings Bloodied, Battered, Bruised, and Beaten by Homicidal Flames

The Wheat Kings never stood a chance. 16:47 into the first period of Game 1, after a series of already questionable incidents perpetrated by the Flames, Janos Vas in an accidental intentional collision went skate first into Kings' goalie Jimmy Howard, gashing Howard's lower neck and leaving a pool of blood staining the still pristine ice of the opening game. Howard, once the bleeding was under control, was rushed to a nearby hospital. Vas, because of the apparent accidental nature of the incident was not even assessed a minor penalty, although he did receive a major after a short tiff with Ray Whitney in which Whitney scored a few solid hay-makers leaving Vas's already grotesque visage even more maligned, Vas like the coward he is turtled on the ice and three refs were required to get Whitney under control. Furthermore, Vas did not receive a suspension because of his star status, it being the playoffs and the inclusivity of the attempted murder.

"I am still shocked," Coach-GM Tyler Young said after game five (the first press conference the Kings held after game one), "we witnessed attempted murder on the ice, most likely premeditated, and nothing comes of it. Calgary PD refuse to investigate the situation, so legal action might not even be pursued. We might try suing through civil court, Vas and the Flames need to pay for this disgrace, somehow. This whole thing has left me disgusted. Thank God Jimmy is ok though, an inch or two higher and this could have been a tragedy."

The Kings valiantly fought on, losing in overtime in game 1 and taking game 2, but the series had already descended into hell. Braydon Coburn and Janos Vas fought nearly every game, the Flames continued their attempts to injure and win by violence, sidelining another star Wheatie Steve Bernier. Needless to say the series was out of control by game four, when the Kings seemed to crack in front of a blood-thirsty home crowd.

"By game four we were running around like maniacs," Mr. Young stated, "we were no longer playing hockey. We got off our game and lost control, and because of that, even more than the injuries and sure as heck through no virtue of their own, the Flames won. I told our guys the best revenge would be to beat those bastards, but I guess they took me a little too literally."

"Anyways, I guess I don't have to say it since it should be obvious, but the Kings will be the #1 fans of the Raiders, Pain, Owls or Saints - whoever can take the Flames down, but let them be forewarned though, their facing a team that will try to win through any means."

Back to the Future

The Wheat Kings will likely be looking to make some major changes this offseason. Players on the market include:

Josh Hennessy LW L 65 81 72 75 80 77 81 79 77 77 79 55 46 81 24 3,200,000 0
Michael Frolik LW L 76 74 71 88 72 71 81 73 86 74 66 27 31 78 20 600,000 2
Brett Sutter C R 79 84 79 69 50 64 73 67 66 79 63 31 32 75 20* 600,000 2
Michael Lambert RW R 82 94 80 43 37 66 81 79 52 91 67 31 27 77 24 375,000 2
Juuso Puustinen RW R 47 74 67 77 62 48 80 69 71 72 85 28 29 75 20* 600,000 3
Anton Babchuk D L 80 89 67 58 77 99 43 57 60 99 48 35 32 75 24 1,249,999 4
Jordan Bendfeld D R 64 71 66 72 72 55 67 81 74 67 71 27 27 75 20 600,000 2
John de Gray D R 72 63 71 68 70 49 62 58 67 82 53 35 46 72 20 600,000 2
Eetu Heikkinen D L 73 59 64 69 82 71 70 69 64 73 64 43 39 72 21* 750,000 3
Antoine Lafleur G L 92 80 79 77 75 70 78 80 70 2 1 31 61 74 18* 600,000 4

Monday, March 31, 2008

PR - Saintes

Saints Advance to Round 2...

The Saskatoon Saints defeated their Round 1 opponents, the Indianapolis Ignite, in five hard-fought games. Four of the games were 1 goal affairs while the Saints won Game 4 in a 2-0 shutout. Tuukka Rask (G) had a solid first round series against the Saints' Division Rivals and is the obvious starter for Round 2 against the Rednexs. The short season series between the Saints and Rednexs was tied with both teams winning one game each: various predictions have been made but it is clear that this will be another close series. The two teams have met before in the playoffs and the Rednexs have usually been the dominate club. However, this is a new Rednexs club - minus the ol' Bertuzzi-Kovalev duo. The Saints, too, have a new look and this year GM Geoffrey Young has raised expectations: "I believe we are the best club in the Eastern Conference and we should be able to make it the TFHL Finals this year...hopefully, we can challenge for our first TFHL Championship...there are few variables, as always; including injuries and streaks, but we are confident that we have the best all-around team in our conference."

The Saints' Powerplay, ranked #6 in the TFHL, will need to be dominate in this series. The Rednexs have a wicked offensive punch: their PP is a surprising #4 in the TFHL.
The Saints' Penalty Kill is the #1 in the TFHL and will have to be solid against the Rednexs. The Rednexs' Penalty Kill is a serious lacuna, ranking only #13 in the league.

The Saints, #1 in the East Conference, are the clear favourites in this contest against the seventh placed Rednexs. The Saints had a .596 win% compared to the Rednexs sub-par .465. This being said, expect this series to be a close one, with a possible upset - it is not unprecedented, this playoffs or in the past. Brent Johnson will have to stand on his head, again this series - he had a .923 save % and a 1.99 GAA in upseting the Bonnyville Pontiacs in six games. The Saints' best players - Christopher Higgins, Markus Naslund, Keith Ballard and Tuukka Rask - will have to dominate the relatively young Rednexs club. The puck drop for Game 1 is tonight in Saskatoon: the Saints have never made it past the 2nd round throughout the entire Ancient and Modern TFHL history - GM Young: "the time is now...this is our year."